What is Phenoculture?

Phenology is the study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena, especially in relation to climate and plant and animal life. The etymology of the word comes from Greek phainein and translates to "bring to light, cause to appear, show". We use energy of the natural ebb and flow of seasons, celestial bodies and Nature to plan, implement and facilitate change. What we contribute to the dialogue is years of experience that can bring to light many of the common mistakes made when starting a project, which saves time, money and energy.

Permaculture is the development of (agricultural) systems that mimic natural ecosystems and are intended to be regenerative, sustainable and self-sufficient. Permaculture supports three fundamental ethics: Care of the Earth, Care of its Inhabitants and Fair Share with Return of Surplus.  These simple ethics are the foundation of strong communities and promote a positive lifelong relationship with Earth and its resources. 

Phenoculture weaves nature’s timing into nearly everything we do. Phenoculture Wisconsin, LLC is dedicated to teaching stewardship, sustainability, science, and self-reliance. We have procured an eclectic, back-to-the-basics skillset reminiscent of our ancestors. “Where Modern Living Meets the Past” is more than a catchphrase- it’s a lifestyle that helps get us back into balance with Nature and her cycles and promotes a holistic approach to wellness.


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