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We specialize in creating pollinator habitat, re-wilding smaller scale disturbed land, growing food, environmental science education, and sustainability consulting



What is PhenoCulture?


What is PhenoCulture Wisconsin?






What we offer:







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Among the services we provide are custom brochures and interactive programs for communities with stormwater outfall drains in the Rock River Basin




We also create environmental science activities for schools and organizations that will help the public understand the why's and how's of keeping our watershed clean!


Click Here to see examples of the brochures we currently provide





First-Person 18th Century Natural Philosopher & Gentleman Scholar






Presentations and Workshops



2020 Dodge County Farmers Health Soil Healthy Water Expo


Peter attended the conference for the first time this year and enjoyed himself while getting a lot of great information



Among the presenters was Frank Lessiter from No-Till Farmer

and Russell Hedrick from JRH Grain Farms, LLC in Hickory, NC


We've compiled some of the data presented about No-Till using Cover Crops to save resources - including money


Check out some of the charts here





Community Activism


Peter was honoured with the Watertown Department of Public Health 2019 Public Health Partner award for his contributions and service to the city's senior meals program






We've organized community river clean-ups and storm drain stenciling










Who Might Be Interested?

  • Schools and School Districts
  • Homeschoolers
  • Community Organizations
  • Small Farms
  • Scout Troops                           
  • City Folk who need ecosystem services to make their properties more diverse and Earth-friendly
  • Anyone who wants to be less reliant on commercial products, create a nature-based environment or to get back-to-the-basics     












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