Grant Writing

We have a proven record of success of securing funding for education


We can help find funding for: 

School and Community Gardens

Programs that address Food Insecurity and Wellness

Programs that Encourage Clean Water and Restorative Land Use

Technology especially for STEAM projects

Fresh produce for food pantries, seniors and socio-economically disadvantaged members of our community




Being Presented with a $10,000 Check is a BIG DEAL!



Grants Awarded

1989 Clark Foundation’s Middle Grades Initiative (Caring, Daring and Sharing)   $500,000

1999 Wisconsin Environmental Education Board (WEEB)   $19,650

2014 Wisconsin Department of Instruction/ USDA (RMSG)   $4000

2015 Wisconsin Agriculture in the Classroom (probes)   $100

2015 Carton-2-Garden (Vertical Garden)   $1000

2016 Wisconsin Retired Educators Association (shed; gravel)   $2000

2016 Seeds of Change (Roof Water Collection system)   $10,000

2016 Whole Kids (weather system; tools)   $2000

2017 Wisconsin Agriculture in the Classroom – matching (pergola/ outdoor classroom)   $500

2017 SPARK (Try it Tuesday- Yoga, Wellness, Healthy Food)   $5000

2018 Lowe’s Toolbox for Education (RMS Stem- hydroponics; 3D printers, computers)   $5000

2018 Watertown Educational Foundation (dehydrator, vacuum sealer, produce stand)   $900

($30,500 for RMSG as of December 2018)


The Riverside Middle School Garden has become a community gem

We'd LOVE to be part of establishing your school or community garden







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