Grant Writing

We have a proven record of success of securing funding for education


We can help find funding for: 

School and Community Gardens

Programs that address Food Insecurity and Wellness

Technology especially for STEAM projects

Fresh produce for food pantries, seniors and socio-economically disadvantaged members of our community



Being Presented with a $10,000 Check is a BIG DEAL!



Grants Awarded

1989 Clark Foundation’s Middle Grades Initiative (Caring, Daring and Sharing)   $500,000

1999 Wisconsin Environmental Education Board (WEEB)   $19,650

2014 Wisconsin Department of Instruction/ USDA (RMSG)   $4000

2015 Wisconsin Agriculture in the Classroom (probes)   $100

2015 Carton-2-Garden (Vertical Garden)   $1000

2016 Wisconsin Retired Educators Association (shed; gravel)   $2000

2016 Seeds of Change (Roof Water Collection system)   $10,000

2016 Whole Kids (weather system; tools)   $2000

2017 Wisconsin Agriculture in the Classroom – matching (pergola/ outdoor classroom)   $500

2017 SPARK (Try it Tuesday- Yoga, Wellness, Healthy Food)   $5000

2018 Lowe’s Toolbox for Education (RMS Stem- hydroponics; 3D printers, computers)   $5000

2018 Watertown Educational Foundation (dehydrator, vacuum sealer, produce stand)   $900

($30,500 for RMSG as of December 2018)


The Riverside Middle School Garden has become a community gem

We'd LOVE to be part of establishing your school or community garden



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