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Peter has written articles and stories for various outlets including Deer and Green America



Due to his work in creating a nature-based middle school environmental science course, 7000 square-foot school garden, and re-wilding ecosystem services the school property, Peter was asked to write a piece for Green America's Climate Victory Gardening project. We would so appreciate you taking a few minutes and read how one person can change a child's life! The official launch of the article is 08 September 2019


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Mrs. Morton was Peter's fourth grade teacher in 1969-70 at Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Elementary School in Oak Park, IL.

This is a picture from some kind of plant and flower convention in Chicago in January or February 1970. Mrs. Morton invited Peter to show attendees what his fourth grade class learned - and produced - in her class

Because of her, he became an avid gardener and environmental activist. Peter was never able to tell her how she affected him and he has been waiting a long time for a chance to honour Mrs. Morton. This article is his humble yet heartfelt thanks to her


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