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Growing Food is more than Soil and Sun - It's SCIENCE!



3D Printing Growing Baskets for Hydroponics

Peter secured funding for three hydroponic systems, three 3D printers and three laptops for the middle school





Chemistry and Data Collection




Growing Lettuce


The image on the left shows the system set up with 3D printed baskets ready to be installed

The other shows three varieties of lettuce after about 2 weeks 


The science of gardening is often about experimenting with new techniques, making close observations and troubleshooting. We're not quite sure what's happening with the seedlings at the center of the raft, but using patterns we hope to figure it out!


The photo below shows a beautiful head of a variety called Big Boston



The arts are often left out of the STEM design. Creativity is fundamental to science




The more involved kids are in the process, the more likely they are to be engaged in learning



Solar Water Heater


Using mostly donated materials, we designed and built a solar water heater to great success


Checking for fit, a 25' black garden hose is coiled inside the box


Using heavy-duty black plastic from a lumber yard, students lined the box and zip-tied the hose in place


The ends of the hose were allowed to stick out the ends




Water is connected to an outside faucet and run until it flows out the other end

Students experiment with how long to leave the apparatus in the sun, direction of orientation, outside temperature, etc.

This design consistently achieves water temps of over 180 degrees



Discussions about how this technology could be used to conserve resources and utilized were quite creative




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