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Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence – “So, You Want to Start a School Garden? Let’s Talk!”


Lake Country School Garden Conference – Farm-to-School Summit keynote address; “Weathering and Soil” workshop


Jefferson County School Garden Summit – School Gardens round table speaker


Jefferson County Farm-To-Table seminar - RMSG


Summer SPARK Conference – Implementing and maintaining school gardens


“Give Bees a Chance” (backyard beekeeping)


“Spring Clean for the May Queen” (Making your earth-friendly cleaning supplies)


“Music That Moves Us” ((Adults) The power of music and how it impacts our memories)


“World Tree: The Metaphysical Journey of a Closet Shaman” ((Adults) Discussion of metaphysics and using drawing to relax)


“Scots History, Clothing, Accoutrements”


Wisconsin Historical Museum History Sandwiched In program – “Weather Lore” (Traditional sea shanties intertwined with lore)


Wisconsin Historical Museum History Sandwiched In program - “Natural Philosophy During the Early Fur Trade” (Using over 20 different animal skulls to learn about function, structure and design)


Historical Character Development Workshop “Creating Your Own Historical Character” (Adults; High School)


2007 North American Voyageur Conference “Common Folklore: Weather and the Sea”


Historical Character Development Workshop “18thc. Natural History & Philosophy”


Wisconsin Science Network “How to Be a Key Leader”


Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers (WSST) Conventions 

            “Looking Into the Crystal Ball: Your Role in the Future of Science Education in Wisconsin”

            “WSST Presents: Best Practices, In The Middle”

            “WSST Presents: Best Practices, It’s Elementary”

            “The Problem With Predictions – Estimation and Metrology”

            “Best Practices – Ice Ages”

            “Best Practices Share-a-thon”

            “Lessons From the Third Rock From the Sun” (Earth science lessons, demonstrations and activities)

            “Fun With Earth, Wind and Fire: Earth Science Activities and Other Neat Stuff”


Watertown Unified School District Staff Development - “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” (Outdoor education)


Northwest Wisconsin Education Association - “The Catalyst for Reform; National Science Foundation Initiatives; Wisconsin Needs Assessment; Aligning Science Standards; State and Local Actions”


Einstein Academy - “Let’s Get Physical” (Hands-on physical science activities)


Southwest Academy - “Science is Fun!” (How to organize a well-attended science night/ science fair)


Woodside Elementary School PTO - “Out of the Clouds and Into the Fog” (weather lessons and activities)


WEST Fest “Map Mania” (How to read, use and make topographic, geologic, profile and relief maps)


Geology of Devil’s Lake (field trip)



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