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One of the things that Peter Watts is known for is his uncanny sensitivity to the changing seasons and his deep connection with Earth


As autumn approaches and the temps drop, he yearns for the woods and fields. When spring begins to show its impending arrival, he can be found in the gardens, anxiously getting his hands in the soil


Peter has a spiritual, careful, and respectful approach when among natural things - including hunting


He may consider mentoring you and/or your young outdoors-person on a limited and selective basis



"Peter is a man of the forest and earth. He exudes the strength of earth. He is my favorite "dirty hippie"- and I mean that in the best of ways. He is a man who walks the walk. No pretense. And of course, he is a teacher. He teaches with almost every action he takes. He is sensitive to others' emotions and troubles. He is quick to pick up on energies. He is an ethical person. He's also very funny and lighthearted. He understands the importance of humor. Peter respects intelligence and seeks to learn new things."



We often come home with no game - "That's why it's called hunting, not shopping."


The woods and fields offer so much more than bringing home game because life's mostly about the journey not the destination


Nature's bounty and beauty is something to be cherished and respected





Scouting is essential to getting to know the land - using all of our senses


Peter offers sacred tobacco, kinnickinnic, to the land and to those that dwell there - which is the way he was taught


The act of offering a small gift of tobacco acknowledges Nature and the Spirit That Provides Everything We Need

Offering kinnickinnic is a humble demonstration of reciprocation







Peter has almost been stepped on by deer and they often were never the wiser   




Decay and death are an important cog in the wheel of life

It's important to leave the land in a better state than when we found it




Two does battling it out in April




Being outdoors should be a sacred experience

In Peter's worldview, hunting and fishing is, in no way, a sport. At the very least, they should be considered life skills




When offered "The Gift" Peter usually takes it

Hunting is about sustenance and not about getting the biggest rack


Peter is primarily a bow hunter of whitetails and he fulfilled a bucket list item- canoeing to the hunt and returning with 'The Gift'


"Peter is a hunter. He hunts for the goodness and love in all people. Peter hunts for a better future and, consequently, he teaches others in order to achieve that end. Peter hunts the other worlds so as to improve this world. Peter is the kindest and most true hunter of animals that I have ever seen."







Preparing hides and cleaning the skulls are only one part of his philosophy of using as much of the animal as possible





Finding buck rubs is always exciting and sometimes the traces left in the snow are almost beyond comprehension




"What I love most (of many things) about Peter is the natural, feral, wildness of his connection to the earth and respect for the Mother. His way of being a man in the context of family and tribe awakens in me a longing for a more direct and organic connection to animal nature. I see it in him strongly. His patience in hunting is also inspiring to me. For him, what is hidden to others is plainly visible and a very old thing in him has never lost its way."





Some people will never 'get' placing mounts on a wall


For Peter, it keeps the memory of the hunt experience alive and he offers his thanks and gratitude every time he looks at them


When one has taken a life, which should NEVER be easy, it makes that prayer of thanks before our meal ever the more meaningful


Humans are animals and therefore must kill to survive- even a vegan must take life to live


If you eat meat, then at some point in your life you should hunt and kill your food, field dress your harvest, drag that animal home, butcher that animal and feed your family


Only then will you truly know the sacrifices that are made to provide us sustenance



"The extent of Peter's humanness is that if you pinch him he'll yell. Otherwise, he is a multi-realm Warrior Being who speaks the language of the forest. He sees with the eyes of the medicine man, his ears are of the animal kingdom, his feet are winged, his heart belongs to Earth. He is an artist, a creator and an Investment Banker in the future's commodity (teacher of children). His intelligence is sharply honed and reliable. Peter is one of the few people I know who is humble but shouldn't be."





The process of making a European mount is time consuming, but it has become an important part of re-membering the hunt





Feathers from wild turkey harvests were used to make this feather cloak





"Peter Watts is an improbable man. His connection to the earth is forged in blood-- his as much as any. He is a Warrior Poet wielding a *bat'leth* of honor and passion. He is one of the precious few for whom the earth's siren song is so loud as to be overwhelming; he is as likely to be swallowed by a rolling hill as he is to climb over it. And though he may venture deeply, he does so knowing that he will not forget. He is a man who does not fear passionately embracing what his heart tells him is right."




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