The "Fine Print"

We should get a few things out of the way in order to reduce any confusion!

Phenoculture Wisconsin, LLC has not had any big problems with planting failure, but this year has been especially challenging


1. We do everything we can to ensure that any plantings progress as best as they can. Things like amending the soil, perhaps light tilling, proper planting or seed broadcasting and watering greatly improve viability of your 'baby prairie' or rain garden


2. If you have a water source on-site that is quite helpful. We do not have the means of bringing in large amounts of water


3. Be sure to water your precious plants! Of course the weather has a lot to do with how often, but the rule of thumb is 1" per week. More if it's hot and windy


4. We think that you, the customer, should be an integral part of the process of rewilding and/or caring for your garden - and even helping with the installation. There's no better way to learn than to doing it 


5. We will visit your site periodically to see how things are going. If you need us to water for you and have a water source on-site please be aware that you will need to pay for that service. See rates


6. Please be sure to contact us ( if you have questions about your project. Visiting and becoming familiar with your own installation will help alleviate out-of-control pests, fungal growth and the like and help you really appreciate your land. We do not use harsh industrial chemicals so the earlier we can catch what's going on the better



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